Scopis TGS - Target Guided Surgery

The next step in navigated surgery

Scopis TGS - Target Guided Surgery

The next step in navigated surgery

Scopis TGS - Target Guided Surgery

The next step in surgical navigation




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Prof. Martin J. Citardi, MD
Houston, TX

“The Scopis® Building Blocks application is an intuitive method for reviewing the complex anatomy of the frontal recess.  Using this app, less experienced trainees can learn to apply ‘book knowledge’ more easily.  In addition, experienced surgeons can more easily identify the critical relationships of the various cells populating the frontal recess; such knowledge is important for effective, safe and efficient endoscopic sinus surgery.“

Prof. Jin Keat Siow, MD

“Frontal recess anatomy at first glance appears complex. The Scopis® Building Blocks software allows frontal recess cells, even diseased ones, to be tagged so that their relationships become immediately evident, resulting in the intuitive emergence of the natural frontal sinus drainage pathway for precise mucosa preserving surgical clearance. A complex anatomical challenge of decades has been simplified for practical surgical planning of today.“

Prof. Oliver Kaschke, MD

“The Scopis Building Blocks tool is a real breakthrough for rhinosurgeons to visualize the individual anatomy of the frontal sinus drainage pathway anterior ethmoid in their complexity. It also helps to teach the younger generation of sinus surgeons. The learning curve to understand and perform frontal sinus surgery will be very much supported by Scopis Building Blocks.“

Prof. Brent A. Senior, MD
Chapel Hill, NC

“The frontal recess remains the most challenging area for safe and thorough surgery for the Rhinologist.  Scopis Building Blocks is a powerful tool, providing a three dimensional understanding of this anatomy that is useful for the novice as well as the seasoned surgeon.  I look forward to utilizing it for my residents and students.“

Claudio Callejas, MD
Pontifical Catholic University
of Chile (UC)

“Since we had the opportunity to observe the delegates at the course using the Scopis® Building Blocks software, we realized of what a great tool it is to understand the complex anatomy of the frontal recess. Scopis® Building Blocks has the potential to become the standard in frontal sinus surgery planning. Utilizing this innovation demonstrates the world class status of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile also in the medical field.“

Prof. Rainer Weber, MD

“The complex anatomy of the anterior ethmoid and the frontal sinus drainage pathway makes surgery of the frontal sinus most challenging. I like Scopis® Building Blocks as a very valuable tool to get a three-dimensional understanding of this anatomy before starting the operation.  It is now an integral part of the education of younger colleagues and for lectures and operation courses on endoscopic frontal sinus surgery.“

Ping-Hung Shen, MD
Taichung City, Taiwan
Republic of China

“Almost every resident in endoscopic sinus surgery training has struggled on frontal sinus surgery. The Scopis Building Blocks planning software, which is based on the famous “building blocks concept” by Prof. PJ Wormald, can remarkably accelerate the learning curve of frontal sinus surgery. This software is expected to be of great value in preoperative planning and teaching in terms of endoscopic frontal sinus surgery.“

Jannis Constantinidis, MD

"The frontal sinus has a complex and variable sinus drainage pathway and surgery in this area represent the most difficult part in endoscopic sinus surgery. The Scopis Navigation System and especially the
Building Blocks Concept is a helpful tool that improve surgical accuracy, patient safety, and education of younger colleagues. It has proven in my hands very useful!"

Marc Tewfik, MD

“One of the main benefits of TGS is the ability to identify critical anatomical structures and plan the safe placement of surgical instruments into the affected sinuses. Endoscopic sinus surgery is particularly complex and this technology can improve patient safety and reduce surgical time.”

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