Scopis Neuro Navigation

Scopis Holographic Navigation

The Scopis Holographic Navigation Platform brings augmented reality (AR) and mixed-reality to your operating room. Using the Microsoft HoloLens, you can see planning details projected onto your visual field.

The Scopis Holographic Navigation Platform can show you complicated tumor boundaries, assist with implant placements and guide you along anatomical pathways.

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Diffusion Tensor Imaging & Advanced Image Fusion

Scopis NOVA software supports merging image data from:

• fMRI
• Precomputed fiber tracks directly into the patient‘s 3D model.

This makes planning more precise and extends the surgeon‘s understanding of each patient’s anatomy even further.

Functional neuroimaging combined with augmented reality makes complicated cranial structures accessible and is intended to lead to better surgical results.

• Automatic fusion
• Up to 8 parallel fusion items
• Flexible color range
• Active region segmentation
• Automatic DWI to DTI conversion
• Advanced tractography extension
• Highly interactive fiber mapping
• Target region planning
• Fiber brush and fiber tracing
•Path intersection

Navigated Ultrasound

Scopis Navigated Ultrasound upgrades any Scopis Navigation System to take advantage of intra-operative ultrasound imaging.
The Scopis Navigated Ultrasound is fully integrated into the navigation workflow for needle guidance, 3D reconstruction, measuring functions and Scopis Augmented Reality. Navigation without preoperative images is available.
Both optical and electromagnetic navigation can be used for a wide range of ultrasound probes.

Biopsy Guide

The Scopis Biopsy Guide supports accurate guidance of navigated biopsy needles in neurosurgery.
The flexible arm of the Biopsy Guide is rigidly connected with the Mayfield clamp and following this, the alignment of the guide on the target is navigated and fixed.

• For neurosurgical applications
• Allows high precision alignment of compatible biopsy needles
• Attachment to starbust connectors
• 2 hinges for flexible positioning
• Frameless biopsy option

Navigated Microscopy Interface

The navigated microscopy interface enables the insertion of planning data directly into the microscopy image.
This enables first class augmented reality for compatible microscopes with a navigation interface.
Functionality varies based on the type of microscope.

• For NOVA with compatible microscope

• Carl Zeiss Pentero,
• Möller-Wedel HiR-1000
• Leica M530, M720

• Enables augmented reality Injection
• Video navigation, video augmented reality
• Focus tracking and focus navigation

Spinal Navigation

Scopis Navigated Spinal Instruments upgrade any Scopis Navigation system for use in spinal neurosurgery and orthopedic spinal procedures.
Scopis provides intraoperative patient registration on a basis of 2D C-arm images.
The registration body fluoro is held into the beam path of a C-arm and the software registers the patient automatically.
Scopis Universal Adapter clamps make almost every Spinal instrument navigable - independent of its manufacturer.

• Extension module Spinal Surgery
• Navigated screw placement
• Fast image-to-patient registration
• Compensation of positional changes
• Fully automated C-arm image calibration
• Planning software for complex spine cases

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